services overview

Online applications


This is our core competence.  We are able to develop performant data-driven online applications that allow you to open up your business to the internet.  This can be for both internal or external use (suppliers/customers).  We are able to integrate with your existing systems.  Technology used: HTML5, Ruby on Rails, jQuery, Javascript, Ajax, ...

Mobile applications

iOS, Android, Windows

Sometimes native features are required of an application (for example reminders, camera access, etc...).  If this is the case it's good to know that we experience in building native apps for all major platforms.

Business intelligence

SQL Server

We're great at creating dashboards in our online applications.  These can be directly tied to operational databases.  Sometimes the needs go further and a business intelligence solution is needed.  ETL, star schema's, slowly changing dimensions are no strangers for us.  We're Microsoft certified in Business intelligence and are capable of setting up a data warehouse and reporting solution.



Solutions we develop can be hosted on site or in the cloud.  Since we use Docker technology to run our solutions we're independent of where your solutions runs.  Every step of an installation is fully scripted, documented and under source control.  It doesn't matter if you want your solution to run on Azure, Amazon or any other platform.  We're experienced with them and can guide you in making the right choice.

Thirdparty integrations

Uniting multiple solutions

This can go from simple exports to your accounting software to tight integrations where both systems can be master of certain data.  We can do flat text, XML or webservice end-to-end integration with OAuth 2.0.


Bringing experience to the table

Our experience isn't limited to software development.  Although this is our specialty, we have more than 20 years of experience in ICT ranging from system administration, databases, networking, development to management.  In other words: we're a great partner to have in your corner.

Database design and tuning

Querying is our hobby

We can do the ground-up design of your database, or refactor or tune existing databases.  Although we're a Microsoft certified Technology specialist in SQL server, this doesn't mean we're strangers to other RDMSs.  Our favourites are MS SQL server and Postgresql.

ICT management

Getting you there

If you are building software yourself we can advise you in further professionalisation: implementing source control (GIT, SVN, methodology), workflows (JIRA), automated testing (Rspec, Capybara, PhantomJS, TestComplete, ...), continuous integration, automated deployment and releasing.