No compromises. No shortcuts. No limitations.

We always try to find the most efficient, reliable and cost effective solution for our clients.  Sometimes it can be extremely difficult to adopt a pre-packed, out of the box solution as per your business needs. However we do not believe in reinventing the wheel.  We use proven methodologies and frameworks to build solutions to your exact specifications.

We love to think along with our clients.  By combining our expertise with your business knowledge we are able to build solutions which can lower costs, increase efficiency, gain market share and provide great value to your customers.

Our core expertise lies in building complex data-driven web applications.  If you are looking for a static website, there are many other companies who will be able to assist you.

How do we reach these goals?

By using an Agile development methodology we involve our clients in our development process.  We always set up an acceptance environment where clients can follow progress and provide valuable feedback for our development process.

We're a strong believer of test-driven-development.  By working with Codeship we made sure that automated tests are run when a change is made to the codebase to ensure all processes are still functioning as they should.  We realise however that bugs are inevitable, but by implementing an automated test once they are found, we can ensure that they never return once solved!

Nobody likes to wait for a site to load or a process to finish.  That's why we focus on scalability and performance from day 1.  We have a broad knowledge of database systems (MS SQL server, Postgres, Oracle, ...) to ensures a performant solution.

For each solution we create we put in place our fully automated deployment system, based on Capistrano, which allows us to deploy to production with a single click.  Because each step of this process is automated, no errors can be made.